What is an AI Story Generator?

It’s no surprise that AI story generators are becoming popular in a world where content is king. However, artists are using these tools in novel ways to co-create poems, novels, plays, lyrics, and other works.

How do AI story generators function? They employ sophisticated story generator algorithms (SGAs), which convert written prompts into longer stories – or, at the very least, suggest the next few sentences for you.

Users can choose how detailed their input will be, and then generate ideas to overcome writer’s block in as few as 15 words. Let’s look at the best AI story generators to get you started.

The Best AI Story Generators

1. DeepStory

DeepStory, the most approachable and still-developing beta version of AI script generator, makes it simple to generate, save, share, and download any AI written script. You can use more than one existing film as a model to create the plot, background settings, and characters.

You can change the genre and time limit of the scenes to create a new creative script based on the reference movies provided earlier. Once you’ve got everything set up, hit the start button and the AI story generator will write one for you.


  • Easiest version and completely independent
  • Users can set features for genre and cast
  • Can write unlimited scripts for free


  • Only selective reference movies provided
  • Fewer features to detail the script
  • AI-generated stories don’t seem to be human written

2. Scriptbook

This AI story maker is the alpha version of DeepStory, a sophisticated version of the beta version. More than just generating the script via its sub-website DeepStory, the programs analyze and validate the script to see if it meets modern production standards.

To write the scenes, you can use references and sketch characters and genres. You can also provide additional AI story finisher attributes such as changing the nature of the characters, the central theme of the story, or even setting a budget and expected reviews and ratings.

Pricing: The freemium package includes only external analysis. The basic plan costs $199, and the standard plan costs $1999 and includes additional validations. Companies can negotiate tailored premium plans.

3. Jasper

Jasper is yet another AI story generator that can be used to generate content. Conversion AI and Jarvis were previous names for this tool.

By simply typing a few words into the tool, it can detect the message you’re attempting to convey and use artificial intelligence to generate additional content.

Jasper can be used to create a variety of content types such as marketing copy, emails, articles, blogs, and social media posts. It can even incorporate keywords into the content to improve search engine rankings.

Another noteworthy feature of Jasper is its ability to generate content in over 25 different languages.

This tool has over 50 copywriting templates from which to choose, making it one of the best for diversifying your writing style.

It also includes a plagiarism checker to ensure that you never use someone else’s work without giving credit where credit is due. While Jasper offers a free trial version, you may have to pay a fee to unlock all of its features.

4. Rytr

Rytr is yet another fantastic tool for creating stories. It includes over 30 use cases and templates from which to choose.

Once you’ve logged in, all you have to do is enter some context text and then let the tool generate the rest of the sentences you’ll need to finish your story.

Rytr is distinct in that it allows you to write in over 30 different languages. That is, you can create content in one language and then translate it into over 30 different languages using the tool.

The tool also includes 20 different voice variations. This enables you to create content with an emotional underpinning.

This tonal variation also makes it stand out as one of the better options, particularly for anyone who wants their AI-generated story to sound human-like.

Because this program employs advanced copywriting formulas such as AIDA & PAS, users can be confident that the final product will meet high quality standards.

Rytr also includes features that allow you to reword sentences, replace words, and even shorten phrases and paragraphs to achieve the desired result.

Rytr comes with a browser extension, so you can use it from anywhere. This tool is available in two versions: a free version with limited features and two paid versions with more advanced features.

5. Sassbook AI Writer

Sassbook AI Writer is another tool for creating unique text. It has one of the easiest user interfaces, making it suitable for almost anyone.

All you have to do with this tool is enter a few words into the system and let it generate content based on those words. Sassbook AI Writer is a cloud-based application, so there is no need to download or install anything.

This tool can generate content on a variety of topics. It’s also a good option for anyone struggling to come up with a catchy headline for their content.

You’ll be relieved to learn that you can use this tool to summarize your content. Sassbook AI Writer, like the majority of the tools on this list, has both a free and paid version.

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