A fascinating or ground-breaking topic can be turned into an explainer video in a relatively short amount of time. Because the subject matter itself is appealing to the appropriate target audience, it doesn’t take much to put a fresh spin on something they’re already interested in learning more about it. Boring and mundane subjects, on the other hand, are a completely different storey. You can rack your brain for hours trying to come up with an earth-shattering or extraordinary theme, but that will not be enough to bring your content to life. Because of this, explainer videos can still be used to amaze and astound your prospective customers, even if the underlying concepts are a little dull.

Explainer Videos

Stick to the script as much as possible.

Nothing elevates a dull subject to the level of simply dreadful like a presenter who veers off on tangents or provides unnecessary details during an explainer video presentation. It’s critical that you create a script and follow it rather than attempting to establish a personal connection by “winging it,” as is often the case. In order to overcome the fact that your subject matter isn’t particularly interesting, this content format is intended to elicit a feeling of warmth from the audience. In the absence of a script, you will be unable to achieve your goal successfully.

Visuals, graphics, an engaging voiceover, and a brand message are all elements of an explainer video, which is composed of many different elements in total. Only a well-written, meticulous script will allow all of these pieces of the puzzle to come together seamlessly and flawlessly.

Make it a memorable experience.

Explainer videos have a significant advantage over written content for one primary reason: viewers retain the information delivered far more effectively than they would if the information were delivered through text-based content – boring or not. Despite this, you can still attempt to make a dull subject more interesting.

Using a metaphor, draw parallels between the information and something personal: Subject matter is more interesting when the viewer can relate the information to something personal, as in a metaphor. Sports, entertainment, music, and pop culture are just a few examples of how to present details through the use of symbolism in the real world. Make your stale content more interesting by framing it in a metaphorical framework.

Using a catchy tune will help you to connect with your audience: Some of the most successful explainer videos include a jingle that when heard repeatedly will have viewers humming along with you. Even mundane material can put a smile on a prospect’s face if you write some catchy lyrics to go along with it to convey your message.

You can’t go wrong with a little levity: You are well aware that your subject matter is dry, and your target audience is well aware of this as well. Rather than taking it all too seriously, why not take advantage of this inside joke? However, when it comes to comedy, use caution. You may offend or alienate your audience if you go too far with your message.

Describe your experience.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that transforms mundane content into compelling storytelling, but you must do so each and every time you begin the explainer video creation process. You’ll already have a topic in mind, no matter how insignificant it appears to be. Your job is to develop a message around it and weave a compelling yarn around it at this point. Explanation videos such as how-to videos, day in the life videos, and behind-the-scenes videos can help to break up the monotony and put a face to your company’s name.

With a little creativity and a willingness to take some risks, you can transform a dreary subject into a masterpiece in no time. Understanding that you’re dealing with the tedious or otherwise uninteresting subject matter, as well as the necessity of telling your story in a memorable manner, is the key to succeeding.

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