In this blog you will see how you can use Facebook video marketing to max.

Video has been the most visible of all the movements and influences that have revolutionised social media marketing. Over the last few years, digital marketing has rapidly shifted toward video content, and it’s safe to say that videos now dominate the area.

Every day, Facebook receives 4 billion video views, equating to 100 million hours of viewing time. Don’t you think it’s amazing? After introducing native video to the site in 2007, Facebook expanded its video arsenal to include live broadcasts, 360 videos, and, eventually, storytelling.

With Facebook video’s widespread popularity and demand, it’s critical for companies and marketers to take advantage of this medium. This post will teach you the fundamentals of Facebook video and provide you with useful recommendations to improve your content marketing approach.

You have a variety of distribution channels to choose from when it comes to video advertising, but Facebook is unquestionably the most popular among content marketers. Nonetheless, there are likely many more options and features available on this social media platform than you are currently utilising – there is untapped potential that you may be unaware of. Consider the following ways to maximise your marketing investment through the use of Facebook video.

Facebook Video Marketing

Native Facebook advertisements receive a higher level of engagement than other types of video links. When compared to YouTube videos embedded within the social media platform, video ads distributed via Facebook actually have a higher rate of engagement. This could be because the content isn’t limited to a single post: it’s also available in the gallery, where a user can view the advertisement at their leisure.

Auto Play, the new feature, has already demonstrated great promise. Since its September 2014 launch, the Facebook Auto Play feature has been extremely well received. In a nutshell, the feature causes a video to automatically play when it appears within the visible range of the user’s News Feed scrolling. The movement is more effective at grabbing attention and eliciting interaction than posts that require a user to click a button to play the video.

Facebook video ads are an excellent way to initiate meaningful conversations. While video is more effective at storytelling, it is even more effective when distributed via social media. You create engaging content that incorporates movement and audio, appealing to a variety of senses. Because the content is delivered automatically, it is easier to capture a user’s attention. Soon, viewers will begin interacting with your company and one another through the use of comments and questions.

You can incorporate a “Like” button into a native Facebook advertisement. Internet users have developed a certain laziness, most likely as a result of being bombarded with so many marketing messages that they are unmotivated to act. However, Facebook allows you to embed a “Like” button directly into the video ad content, removing the need to locate the button below or around the post.

The analytics features provide detailed information about performance. With Facebook analytics on performance, you can gain valuable insight into your video. Sound, engagement, sharing, likes, and other forms of interaction are all recorded, which can be used to improve the quality of your existing videos. Additionally, these metrics are beneficial as you create and distribute new videos that are more tailored to the needs of your target audience.

In native Facebook ads, tagging is enabled. Everyone enjoys a little attention every now and then, and the tagging feature enables you to do just that. It is preferable to use tagging to acknowledge employees or to discuss the accomplishments of others in your industry. However, exercise caution when tagging others, such as followers or fans. You’ll need their consent and support in order to do so; otherwise, you risk a public relations nightmare.

There is a lot of potential when it comes to using Facebook for video, far more than you may realise if you’re simply uploading videos on occasion. It’s time to delve deeper into the options available on this social media platform in order to reach a larger portion of your target audience and increase website traffic.

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