It’s no secret that video has carved out a sizable chunk of the content marketing pie, to the point where YouTube is threatening to overtake Google as the world’s second most popular search engine. However, not any video will capture the attention and earn the respect of your target audience. The brief and succinct explainer video should be your first choice to encourage viewer sharing. Therefore, when you only have three minutes to make an impression on your prospects, keep it simple.

Before you begin, create a framework: You cannot enter the explainer video fray without first determining who you are trying to reach and what you will cover. The first part is straightforward; you simply follow social media influencers to determine who is paying attention to relevant conversations for your business. After that, you monitor what your target audience is discussing online and tailor your content to their interests. Your objective should be to address their concerns, address their questions, and demonstrate how you can assist them in resolving their issues.

Make an impact in the first few seconds: Once your video begins to play, you have approximately eight seconds to maintain your prospect’s attention, according to viewer behaviour studies. After that point, if a viewer is not engaged or interested in continuing to watch, they are likely to bounce. As a result, it is critical to get straight to the point. Additionally, you should use the first segment of your explainer video to qualify leads, ensuring that you are speaking with the right people.

Utilize your explainer video to address the following questions: The three-minute format is ideal for responding to your target audience’s specific questions. Typically, the inquiries will concern new developments in your industry or issues that a large number of your prospects face. You may occasionally respond to questions about your company’s products, but avoid lengthy sales language. Are you unsure of the audience’s concerns? Examine your prospects’ social media conversations for new ideas.

Personalize, not perfect: While you should always maintain appropriate professionalism, you do not have to sound like a robot. You’ll more effectively connect with your viewers if you demonstrate your human side and establish a personal connection with them. Definitely work from a script and practise – but not excessively. Have some fun with your explainer video; your audience will appreciate it as well.

Include a link in your call to action: In all forms of content marketing, you must instruct prospects on how to proceed, whether that is to complete a form, download a whitepaper, or contact a representative. It’s even more critical to include a link in your call to action with explainer videos, as you won’t be hyperlinking as you would with text-based content. Send them to a landing page to ensure that you do not abandon your target audience.

Earning a piece of the explainer video pie is not as simple as putting together some content and uploading it to YouTube, but by following a few simple rules of thumb, you can easily find success. Even a three-minute segment provides ample opportunity to tell your storey and communicate your message, as long as you always prioritise your target audience’s interests.

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