While foot fetishism has existed since the dawn of time, selling images of feet online is a relatively new phenomenon.

There is still very little information about it on the internet, and many aspiring picture sellers may be hesitant to enter the market.
Before we get into the safety and legality of selling feet pictures online, it’s important to understand that people don’t buy feet pictures solely for sexual stimulation. Customers include marketers, bloggers, and podiatric physicians.

So, is it safe to sell feet photos online? Is it also legal? Continue reading to find out.

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?

Selling pictures online is not at all risky. Scammers cannot steal or even unmask your identity by using images of your feet. You can also sell feet pictures anonymously.

Sites like Instafeet, FoapApp, and FeetFinder allow you to sell photos of your feet without revealing your identity. Others will request your information for authentication purposes only, and will not sell it to advertisers.

And, when you think about it, is there any practical danger in posting pictures of your feet on the internet? Is there any way a buyer or platform could jeopardise your safety?

It is a matter of personal conscience. But, unless you don’t want your family or friends to find out or, for some reason, you’re afraid of the buyer identifying the person whose pictures they’re lusting after, it’s safe to say that selling feet photos online isn’t risky.

You simply need to sell on a legitimate platform and avoid disclosing too much personal information to strangers.

Is it weird to sell feet pictures online?

The majority of the online population finds selling feet photos strange because they cannot imagine what a buyer would do with images of feet. This explains why so few people have entered the business, despite the fact that it is legal and can provide a source of income.

Should you think it’s strange because everyone else does? No. You can certainly sell your feet images as long as you acknowledge the existence of foot fetishism, don’t expose yourself to data risks, and don’t jeopardise your marriage, relationship, or friendships.

If your only concern is being judged, you can go about your business incognito by using a platform that supports seller anonymity.

Of course, that assumes you’re willing to accept lower offers in exchange for higher ones. Many feet pic buyers want to know who they’re buying from, and they’re unlikely to consider listings posted by anonymous users.
Essentially, you must decide which is more important to you: money or confidentiality.


Before you start selling feet pictures, you should first understand how the internet works and the various ways you can jeopardise your privacy. The likelihood of someone using your feet photos to harm you is low, but platforms and buyers can be suspect. So choose the platforms carefully.

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