NeuronWriter Review Is it worthwhile? SEO content should be researched, written, and optimised. Get new ideas and be inspired to create high-quality content that ranks.

If you have a website, you should work hard to rank your content because if it does not rank, no one will see it. However, hard work is not always synonymous with smart work, particularly when it comes to content creation, content SEO, and creating high-ranking content. For years, I simply chose a topic and wrote, and most of my content did not rank, not because it was poor quality, but because I did not follow the rules. When I say rank, I mean appear on page one or page two of a search engine.

Today’s content writers, bloggers, authors, and reviewers have access to fantastic software designed specifically for SEO content optimization. Some of the big boys on the block include, Closercopy, and Surfer SEO, but today we’ll look at one of the newcomers, Neuron Writer.

What Is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter Review

NeuronWriter is a content optimization tool that assists you in creating content that meets the goals and expectations of your users. It has a sophisticated content editor with NLP suggestions based on semantic models, Google SERP research, and market competitive data. Furthermore, it allows you to tailor your content to meet the needs of your users, resulting in increased user engagement and improved content performance.

NeuronWriter’s SEO toolset is ideal for business owners, SEO firms, and SEO specialists. Contadu, a comprehensive content intelligence platform designed for large enterprises, is a subsidiary of the company. NeuronWriter assists you in creating a draught based on high-ranking content suggestions using AI-powered generators, allowing your content to rank higher in Search Engines, particularly Google.

NeuronWriter is one of the best AI writing assistant software that assists you in researching articles related to your niche and obtaining the content you require through simple recommendations. Aside from that, it allows you to analyse your competitors’ top-rated content, YouTube content, or preferred Google SERPs, and respond to the issues your readers are experiencing. Neuron evaluates the best content of your competitors in order to recommend topics to cover and keywords that Google users are searching for. It is required for organisations and business owners who want a powerful AI tool with content and SEO.

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal allows you to create original writing for blogs and use AI research data to create high-quality content by simply adding a few keywords related to your subject. This SEO-ranked software boosts organic traffic and conversions by assisting you with research, planning, and monitoring. Let’s move on to the next section, where we’ll talk about how to use NeuroWriter to rank #1 on Google!

How To Use NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter can assist you with a good layout template, time-saving research techniques, article SEO optimization, and sharing with teammates by utilising AI. In addition to providing simple statistics, NeuronWriter informs you of the components of your article that are important to search engines and makes recommendations based on NLP. Let’s take a look at some basic principles:

STEP 1: Start With Quick Investigation

The first thing you must provide is the desired keyword. Then, NeuronWriter will recommend some of your competitors’ best content while also assessing what subjects to cover and what data Google consumers are looking for.

STEP 2: Build Semantic Document Structure

Neuron Writer already includes a draught generator for article layouts. Add and reorganise the concepts in your content version as soon as possible. After being included in your article draught, the ideas should be quickly rearranged. NeuronWriter will generate content that is semantically rich and search engine friendly.

STEP 3: Start Paragraphs With The Help Of GPT-3

Here in this step, NeuronWriter AI can help you craft your statement or generate the first sentence of a paragraph.

STEP 4: Write Semantically Rich SEO-Optimized Content

In this step, you can discover the best keywords for your topic, such as your competitors’ most beneficial headlines and the most popular Google search questions.

STEP 5: Share With Your Colleagues

It’s now time to invite your employees to join forces with as many other employees as you want!

STEP 6: Export, Publish And Enjoy

Then you can publish it, export it, and revel in the fruits of your labour! You can speed up the writing process and get results if exporting is made simple.

Watch NeuronWriter In Action

NeuronWriter Pros Vs Cons


  • You get detailed content analysis features to efficiently assess your competitors and rank higher by creating better content.
  • Offers support for over 170+ languages
  • Powerful and Logical AI-Text
  • Manual Quality Setting for AI Content
  • Promising Roadmap
  • Affordable Pricing


  • Complex Interface
  • No Plagiarism Checker 
  • No Credit Consumption Warning

NeuronWriter Pricing Plans

NeuronWriter offers three affordable pricing packages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold Plans, all of which have excellent features and are extremely competitive when compared to its competitors!

The Silver and Gold plans are ideal for those with 5+ sites/projects, such as businesses, freelancers, and SEO/Content agencies, whereas the Bronze plan is ideal for those with up to 3 sites/projects, such as entrepreneurs. Each package has its own set of features and limitations.

Let’s go over what each plan has to offer to help you choose the one that best meets your needs and expectations!

Bronze Plan ($19/mo)

The Bronze Plan is ideal for business owners looking to improve their rankings because it includes:

  • 2 projects
  • 25 content analyses
  • 15.000 A.I. credits
  • E-mail support

Silver Plan ($37/mo)

The Silver Plan is ideal for a copywriter who consistently produces excellent results for clients, and it includes:

  • 5 projects
  • 50 content analyses
  • 30.000 A.I. credits*
  • E-mail & chat support

Gold Plan ($57/mo)

The Gold Plan is ideal for a small agency or a team of copywriters because it includes:

  • 10 projects
  • 75 content analyses
  • 45.000 A.I. credits*
  • Content sharing
  • E-mail & chat support
  • 1h live onboarding

Neuron Writer Alternatives


Frase is another useful SEO tool that I use in my work. It assists you in content research, creating rich content briefs, locating questions from various sources, and optimising your articles.

It also supports AI writing; however, the AI assistant is not yet well refined. The best thing about Frase is that it allows you to create an unlimited number of documents. When it comes to optimising articles, however, it is not very accurate.

Frase’s pricing plans begin at $49 per month.


WriterZen is a low-cost keyword research tool. It includes a modern and user-friendly interface, a useful keyword explorer, and an adequate number of credits.

This tool assists with topic discovery, keyword exploration, keyword insights, keyword cluster creation, and other tasks. However, the content creation tool is currently quite average.


Marketmuse is a powerful SEO tool that assists you in inserting relevant keywords into your articles, researching unique questions, analysing competition, and researching content ideas centred on your keyword.

It does, however, have limited credits and queries, as well as a lack of sharing features. Marketmuse’s free plan is quite impressive, offering 15 queries per month. Marketmuse’s pricing plans begin at an exorbitant $7200 per year.

Who Can Use NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is a similar AI writer and optimization tool to SurferSEO, but it includes an amazing pocket-friendly tool that will help with SERP analysis and content optimization using AI!

Bloggers, new writers, SEO content writers, SEO agencies, social media writers, businesses, entrepreneurs, email marketers, product writers, freelancers, website designers, and anyone in the content industry will benefit from NeuronWriter.

However, if you are interested in creative fields such as poetry, novel writing, songwriting, copywriting, and so on, Jasper is a much better option.


NeuronWriter appears to be a feature-rich SEO tool for 2022. With this tool, you can not only find content ideas, but also conduct advanced competitor analysis and create high-quality AI content.

This tool will also assist you in optimising your articles for SEO and creating better ranking content. All of this for only $59 per year appears to be a great deal!

NeuronWriter FAQs

What Is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is a content optimization tool that helps you in the SEO process by assisting you in selecting the right keywords and optimising your content. It is a content editor with NLP that assists you in editing your material in accordance with current trends and requirements.

What are NeuronWriter Pricing Plans?

NeuronWriter has a variety of pricing options to meet the needs of any copywriter or entrepreneur. The most basic plan costs only $19 per month, making it affordable for anyone to begin ranking their website.

Can you use NeuronWriter to rank #1 in Google?

Yes, in order to rank #1 in Google with NeuronWriter, you must first understand how SEO works and how to optimise your content for search engines. The better your content, the more likely it is to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. In addition to great content, make sure your website is well-designed and simple to use. For a complete explanation in layman’s terms, read my book on SEO. If you can accomplish all of these tasks, you will be well on your way to ranking first in Google.

Why Should You Use NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an excellent SEO tool because it can assist you in understanding user intent and targeting the appropriate keywords. It also employs NLP to assist you in ranking content and creating better blog posts. Furthermore, the AI tool can assist you in researching articles and exporting them in an easy-to-filter and read format.

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