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Pictory employs AI technology to scroll through the provided text and select videos and photos automatically. After you’ve finished this process, decide which design of text animation to show your viewers on the video. Text animations are classified into four types. Pictory has over 6 million royalty-free media files. You can either use royalty-free music from the library or voice over your video. You can either upload a voiceover or use the built-in text-to-speech voiceover, which is convenient.

Pictory Coupon Code

Pictory Use Case

  • Extract short video highlights from webinars, video podcasts, and demos, plus add captions, branded bumpers, logos, and music
  • Turn long-form text content into summary videos and use stock media assets, text-to-speech, and music
  • Best for: Content creators, marketers, and eLearning instructors looking to improve engagement, visibility, and productivity

What Is Pictory?

Pictory employs artificial intelligence to transform your long-form content into engaging, digestible videos that you can share across social media platforms.

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How Does Pictory Work?

Pictory’s AI technology allows you to scan long videos and extract key highlights in minutes.

Manually adjust the AI results to choose which of the shorter clips to include in your new videos, and then customise them with logos, colours, and fonts.

Pictory also allows you to download the short videos in bulk in a CSV file or push them to your Hootsuite dashboard to populate your social content calendar.

Pictory, unlike other editing and splicing tools, makes polishing simple and straightforward. Simply upload your demo or video podcast and let the AI do the rest.

The tool transcribes the speech in your video and then allows you to choose which text to keep or remove.

You can also remove filler words automatically and, uh, make your video production-ready in minutes by adding branded bumpers, intros, outros, captions, and more.

Because the vast majority of social media videos are watched on mute, captions can improve accessibility and SEO ranking.

Pictory, on the other hand, allows you to automatically add captions or subtitles and quickly correct errors rather than sitting and manually typing out every word of dialogue.

The captions can be burned into the video or downloaded as text, SRT, or VTT files.

Pictory also supports videos in over 20 different languages, allowing you to connect with viewers all over the world.

Pictory also converts long-form text into short videos. Begin with a published blog, then let Pictory’s AI automatically detect the most important sentences before fine-tuning the script.

Add visuals to your script by selecting from Shutterstock’s library of over six million licenced stock images and video clips, or have the AI select the best visuals for you. Furthermore, you can always upload your own.

Attach music and a voiceover to your video that corresponds to the theme. There are several natural voices available, or you can record your own if you want to channel your inner Morgan Freeman.

Short is king when it comes to social media channels (obligatory Napoleon joke here).

Pictory’s powerful AI enhances the engagement of your written and video content by converting even the longest pieces of content into digestible, compelling clips.

Increase your visibility, productivity, and social media engagement.

Pictory FAQs

What is Pictory Discount Code?

Pictory Coupon code is a way to encourage new users to sign up for Pictory while receiving lifetime discounts on monthly or yearly plans.

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