It’s fantastic that you’ve considered making money by selling photos of your feet. So, I’ll go over some of the benefits and drawbacks of selling feet photos. However, it is regarded as one of the most passive forms of income.

It should come as no surprise that selling feet photos will not immediately net you thousands of dollars. For the majority of beginners with average public familiarity, it is a slow-growth business.

However, many celebrities have made around $1 million in their early careers.

Pros of selling feet pics

1. Low startup cost

Selling feet photos on online platforms does not require a large amount of startup capital. It simplifies the decision for those looking for a low-cost business startup.

You will most likely require funds for foot image listings, props, pedicures, and foot care products. The majority of platforms allow for free registration. However, you may have to pay a subscription fee to join various forums and receive expert advice.

2. Multiple sources of income

Foot photos have already taken over many dating websites, modelling agencies, and advertising agencies.

There are numerous platforms where you can sell your foot photos. Platforms such as Fettfinder, Instafeet, and Feetfify exist solely to sell photos of feet.

Many stock photo websites also provide opportunities for their creators to participate in various missions. It aids in brand recognition and increases the likelihood of sales. Overall, these forums assist you in getting the stage ready for all types of buyers, with foot fetishists always at the top.

3. Lucrative means of earning

There is no doubt that selling feet photos can bring in more than $1000 in a single month. And guess what, there are more opportunities for quick money in the foot fetish industry. It’s like daily fuel for foot fetishists, and they’re willing to pay a premium for it.

Some platforms provide two ways to earn money: by purchasing a subscription to your profile and then paying extra to gain access to premium or customised content.

Cons of selling feet pics

1. Content Theft

Theft of content and images is common, as it is in many other industries. Photos of stolen feet are then posted on various websites and dating apps. It is strongly advised that you watermark your foot photos before posting them publicly.

You should also watermark your previews until you receive payment.

2. Scams

Scams cost foot sellers a lot of money. Dealing with someone who wants to buy your foot pictures requires extra caution because many foot sellers are con artists. The best part about selling foot photos on social media is that you can direct your fan or client to a third-party marketplace like FeetFinder.

3. Not a reputable occupation

Selling images of feet is not regarded as a respectable source of income because it is frequently linked to feet porn. Foot fetish content can be found under NSFW content and includes images of feet, videos of feet being played with, toe sucking, and other foot-related material. Therefore, those who want to sell foot photos frequently face disrespect in this industry.

4. Competition

On the basis of your foot photos, it may appear to be very simple to gain weight. To be successful in this field, you must work hard. The majority of this competition comes from people who sell photos of their feet for foot fetish.

Many sex workers have now made it a trend to show more than just feet. This has given them a lot of attention and money.

On the other hand, it has pushed the boundaries for clients and made it difficult for those who are only interested in showing off their feet.


If you don’t mind doing it, you can sell your feet content and make money online. According to my research, it is neither the best nor the worst way to make money. Feel free to go for it if you desperately need money to cover your expenses or if you want to achieve your long-term financial goals.

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