You’re probably here because you want to know if there’s a better AI writing platform than Rytr that can help you get past writer’s block.

We’ve put together a list of popular AI writers that you might want to use instead of Rytr to help you get the most out of your experience with Rytr alternatives.

rytr alternatives

Why do you need a Rytr alternative?

It’s a great platform, but it was made for brands that want short-form content, not for every niche. For the price, it’s best for teams that are just getting started with content and don’t need a lot of copy. Rytr does not have features like ‌

  • Long-form content creation
  • Landing page generator
  • Generating content in bulk
  • Fewer integrations

The best Rytr alternatives that you need to check out in 2022

1. Jasper AI

Jasper is one of the best AI writing software tools. It used to be called Jarvis. Jasper bought writing tools like Headlime and Shortly AI. At the time this article was written, both tools were stand-alone products, but both had plans to fully integrate with it.

Make your own blogs, articles, books, scripts, and anything else. Choose a topic and form, fill out the information, and Jasper will write the content for you. Even though the content isn’t always good, it helps me get past my writer’s block.

jasper ai
Jasper AI
  • Long-form document editor – A powerful tool that lets you write whole documents with help from AI.
  • Speed writing – When you hit “start,” the software will create a masterpiece for your blog post or article within minutes.
  • AI templates – Jasper gives you more than 50 templates to choose from for the type of content you want. It is a really helpful platform for content marketers and big agencies.
  • Google docs editor – Users who have signed up for Boss Mode can use an editor that looks like Google Docs. This makes things easy for writers who are used to using Google Docs.


There are two prices for Jasper. Starter Pack and Boss Mode.

Jasper ai pricing
Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper vs Rytr

Jasper is good for more experienced users. It’s challenging and takes a long time to learn. Rytr, on the other hand, is simple and straightforward to use. Users who have used other platforms before will find Jasper confusing and expensive.

2. WriteSonic

WriteSonic is a tool for writing that uses artificial intelligence to create unique content based on your preferences and needs. The software also helps you by giving you content that has already been written. You can use this content as a guide for your own writing.

It can also help content marketers get past writer’s block and reach their target audience. WriteSonic is the best tool for writers who have trouble coming up with new ideas for content.

It helps them make engaging, unique, and interesting content that can be shared on different social media sites.

  • Automatically made blog post and optimized article in just seconds.
  • It lets you make high-quality marketing materials for your brand in minutes.
  • It lets you make great marketing copy with just a few clicks.
  • It uses an AI-powered article and blog writer to give your writing the perfect tone, flow, structure, and voice.


There are two plans for Writesonic. Short-form and Long-form.

writesonic pricing

3. Copy AI

Copy AI is a tool for writing short-form content like landing pages, SEO meta descriptions, social media ads, and social media content. It is powered by artificial intelligence.

Copy AI also makes content with Open AI’s GPT-3 technology. Copy AI has more than 500K customers all over the world. It is one of the oldest AI writers on the market. That’s one reason why Copy AI looks like an alternative to Rytr.

copy ai

Let’s look at some of its features.

Blog writers: Copy AI promises to make it easier for you to write blog posts by giving you content that is already optimized to rank better. You can choose from a list of blog types, such as listicles, thought leadership, feature stories, etc.

Email Marketers: Copy AI has you covered for everything, from cold outreach emails to lifecycle emails that drive conversion.

Social Media Manager: It has templates for almost every kind of social media copy you can think of, like posts for Facebook and LinkedIn, scripts for Tiktok, descriptions for Pinterest, and so on.


Copy AI has a plan that is free forever. It lets you write up to 2,000 words of content per month.

copy ai pricing vs Rytr

If you want to upgrade from Rytr, Copy AI is a great alternative. Copy AI gives its users more tools and features to use. Stay with Rytr unless your team needs to work with more use cases.

4. Copysmith

Copysmith is software that uses AI to help people write content for their blog or website. It also makes it simple to share and promote content that has already been made.

The platform has a number of tools to help people make different kinds of content. The most popular is the article builder, which lets users create articles from scratch.

It offers a wide range of content to its clients, like blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, and webinars.

The tool uses algorithms that are based on artificial intelligence to make new text in the style of the user’s writing. It makes sure that both your customers and your business benefit from your campaigns. You can easily make high-quality content in any language with Copysmith.

Copysmith gives you tools to make sure that your campaigns work well for both your customers and your business. This means that you can do anything you want with it.



  • Software that is very powerful and lets you make, organize, and change your copy all in one place
  • Built-in integrations that are designed to support you.
  • There are many templates to choose from that cover almost any need.
  • The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent.


The price structure is pretty standard. Copysmith has three packages.

copysmith pricing

Copysmith vs Rytr

Both Copysmith and Rytr are platforms that are geared toward large marketing teams and agencies. Rytr is easy on your wallet, but Copysmith lets you connect to many third-party apps that make users more productive.

5. Peppertype

Peppertype is AI writing software that learns from what the user does to figure out what they want. This technology is used to make sure that the user gets the most useful answers.

It gives people helpful information about their feelings and moods, as well as advice about what they should do next.

AI writing assistants have a bright future because more and more companies are using this technology to make content and insights for their clients.



Here are some of the most important things that Peppertype has to offer:

  • Content Rephrasing- Peppertype has a feature that lets you rewrite your content by adding more words or removing words that are already there. This is done to try to improve the overall score.
  • Content type- Peppertype gives you more than 20 templates to choose from. Each template fits into one of three categories: social media, SEO, or copywriting.


peppertype pricing

Peppertype vs Rytr

Peppertype doesn’t have some features that other platforms have that are more advanced. The only way to export files is in CSV format.

Peppertype and Rytr don’t work with long-form content, but Rytr lets third-party apps work with it. And as of right now, Peppertype doesn’t have any integrations.

6. Closers Copy

Closers Copy is an AI writing program that doesn’t use GPT-3, a model for machine learning that many other programs use. “These models are not trained to write marketing copy,” the site says.

Lucky for us, our models are! Using our AI, you can get REAL marketing copy that sells your products and services. We own this technology, so there are no content filters, limits, or restrictions.

Closers Copy has a Facebook group and a course to help you learn how to use their tool. I would be a bit wary of them, though, because their website doesn’t make it clear what they offer.



  • Long-form article – Closerscopy is a tool that can also help people who need long articles more than short-form copy.
  • Templates for creating your framework – Closerscopy lets users make their own content frameworks if none of the templates are right for them. You can also choose from many of the more recent templates that other people in the Closerscopy community have made.


The plans offered by ClosersCopy are called Power, Superpower, and Superpower Squad.

closerscopy pricing

ClosersCopy vs Rytr

ClosersCopy is a good choice if you need more than just an AI tool for writing copy. Closerscopy has some features that you won’t find on Rytr, like SEO audits and support for long-form content. Closerscopy is advertised as a way to boost sales, while Rytr is more of an assistant for writers.

7. Article Forge

Article Forge is AI copywriting software that makes content automatically for a certain niche or topic. Companies like the BBC, Forbes, and The New York Times have used it to write articles about many different topics.

Why should I use AI writing tools like Article Forge? Get your work done faster!

AI and machine learning are used by the software to create articles based on the keywords that are given.

article forge


  • AI-generated content – The AI writer uses pre-written text and images to create articles.
  • It is the cheapest way to copy the way a person thinks and writes.


article forge pricing

Conclusion: Best Ryrt Alternatives

We looked at the best 7 alternatives to Rytr in this blog. We talked about their most important parts and what makes them different.

You can choose any alternative to Rytr that works best for you. If you need help, you can also check out this guide on how to choose the best AI writer for your content needs.


What are the best Rytr alternatives to try in 2022?

The best alternatives to go with in 2022 are –
1. Jasper
2. WriteSonic
3. Copy AI

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