You understand the importance of creating effective brand videos, but putting them out on a consistent basis is more difficult said than done. Creating content to build your company’s brand and distinguish it from the competition is distinct from creating content to educate or entertain your audience – though the best videos can serve multiple purposes. The most effective way to improve your brand video creation abilities is to study the work of others who are doing it exceptionally well and consider some tips you can put into practise immediately.

The Top Brands that are Using Video Marketing to Their Advantage

A different approach was taken by Ben & Jerry’s with their latest campaign, which is a departure from the company’s previous efforts. An on-location video of a typical day in the life of a production company was created to show how a project is put together. Employees are treated as if they are friends, which attracts a loyal following to the brand.

Dove: The company’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign removes the makeup and airbrushing to demonstrate how women are naturally beautiful even when they aren’t wearing makeup or airbrushing. Female customers are more likely to relate to a brand when they see someone who looks like them, rather than a stick-thin, gorgeous 20 year-old model.

The Colonel Sanders of KFC: Fried chicken is synonymous with a Southern gentleman in a white suit and a black tie, but we hadn’t seen much of Colonel Sanders until relatively recently. KFC has brought him back with a modern twist, and he’s bringing the brand’s message back to its roots with his new message.

Creating Effective Brand Videos: Some Pointers

Tell your storey through the use of a social object: When it comes to social media, a “social object” is any piece of content that becomes the subject of conversation between and among users. It could be a video, image, infographic, or any other type of content that is shared with others, who are then inspired to discuss the object with one another if the object is interesting. Because prospects do not want to be sold to – even if they already like your brand – you must tell a compelling storey in your video in order for it to be transformed into a social object.

Don’t go overboard: You can’t just splatter your company’s logo or themes all over your video and expect to see a positive impact on brand recognition. It is distracting and interferes with your ability to communicate effectively. Instead, employ a more subdued approach. Make use of what experts refer to as “pulsing” your brand, which means subtly incorporating it into the storey.

You have the ability to go for a longer period of time than other video types: True, when video content reaches a certain length, viewers begin to get antsy and click away, but with branding, you have the ability to go much longer than with other types of marketing. According to studies, branding videos that are between 2 and 3 minutes in length are shared more frequently; videos that are more than four minutes in length are shared five times more frequently. When it comes to telling a compelling storey, length is a positive attribute to have.

Invest in native advertising for brand videos: Organic content marketing is always the best option, but achieving that goal is sometimes best accomplished through paid advertising; however, not just any ads will suffice in this case. When it comes to placement, you need to go native – that is, use ads that blend into the landscape of a website as if they were a part of the storey.

You can set yourself up for success with brand videos by looking at what has worked for some of the major corporations, but some pointers are also useful in providing guidance when creating your own brand videos. Here are some practical suggestions for putting your company’s new marketing strategy into action. This will help ensure that you are not left spinning your wheels and wondering why you aren’t seeing results.

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