There are certain aspects of your whiteboard cartoon and how to “think” whiteboard that can be completely left up to your vendor’s discretion and discretion. After all, it is for this reason that you are collaborating with them. While it’s great to delegate tasks to experts, it’s always beneficial for clients to understand how their vendor thinks and why they make the decisions that they do in order to better understand their vendor. Understanding this can both aid in the facilitation of conversation and the saving of valuable time during the initial stages of a project’s development.

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The Whiteboard Cartoon and How to “Think” Whiteboard Cartoon and How to “Think”

Is it possible for you to watch a film that is based on a book you’ve read? Because you’re exposed to the same material in two drastically different formats, it can be a surreal experience. Most of the time, there are significant differences between a book and a film. Some of the differences are minor (unimportant deleted scenes, two peripheral characters merged into one), but others are significant (two peripheral characters merged into one) (completely different time or geography, change of character motivation, exchanging a sad ending for a Hollywood-friendly happy ending).

Everything has been changed because a book is a different medium than a film; decisions must be made in order to keep things succinct and compelling. This is why the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay is considered to be one of the most prestigious and prestigious awards in film. Screenwriters spend years honing their skills in order to determine which plot points are truly essential and how to incorporate them into the final product.

Making a whiteboard cartoon is a lot like adapting a book for the screen, which is something to consider. There is usually a plethora of material to choose from, but the difficult part is determining which ideas are most important to pursue further. Clients who are looking for a short 1-2 minute video are frequently surprised to learn just how quickly that time is consumed by the process. Here’s a formula that can be helpful: 130 words equates to approximately one minute of screen time.
As an example, the first two paragraphs of this blog are equivalent to nearly three minutes of screen time! Don’t be surprised if your whiteboard cartoon team needs to revise your ideas in order to ensure that everything that is truly important to communicate receives the attention it merits.

So, having said that, what are some of the ways that you can begin thinking about whiteboard cartoons even before you contact a whiteboard manufacturing company?

For starters, instead of thinking in terms of paragraphs, try thinking in terms of bullet points. When you see a whiteboard cartoon, your first instinct might be to treat it as if it were an animated PowerPoint presentation. Actually, it’s more accurate to think of your whiteboard cartoon as an animated version of your elevator pitch, complete with the same time constraints and requirement for concentration. Hold on to only the most important and necessary information, discarding anything that does not serve a useful purpose as quickly as possible.

Second, keep in mind your emotions. Because all selling is emotional, even though you may believe it is important to explain the intricacies of how your stock-trading app works, it is actually far more important to emphasise how the app will benefit people and make them feel than it is to explain how the app will benefit and make them feel.

Finally, consider framing the story for your whiteboard cartoon using the perspective of a single individual. Making a conscious effort to keep the number of characters in your whiteboard video to a minimum will aid in keeping the emphasis where it belongs and ensuring that the story you tell remains intimate and relatable. Take advantage of the fact that whiteboard cartoons are a very intimate form of communication by telling a personal story on the board.

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