While it can definitely sound weird at first, selling feet pics online is actually surprisingly lucrative. As people seek new ways to make money online and differentiate themselves, learning how to sell feet photos for extra cash could provide you with access to a burgeoning market.

There’s no denying that there are certain connotations here – and those kinds of thoughts aren’t entirely unfounded – but it’s worth reading a little more about this before dismissing it completely.

There are, for instance, very secure, entirely legitimate platforms designed solely to connect buyers and sellers in this specific area. You can even keep the entire transaction anonymous from beginning to end, which is ideal for keeping yourself safe while making some serious cash.

where to sell feet pics

1. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is the best place to sell feet pictures online if you are looking for the fastest and most secure website for buying and selling feet pictures.

Many people have made money from this site while keeping their identities safe. This is aided by the fact that until a buyer pays to view the images, they are blurred.

To sell feet photos here, you must essentially become a freelance model. The first step is to create an account, and once approved, you can begin uploading your photos.

Clients can request a tailor-made photo in addition to the photos you make publicly available, giving you the opportunity to raise your price.

And your money is safe with Feetfinder. If a client pays $30 or more, you can request that the money be deposited into your account. Weekly payments are made.

2. Instafeet

Instafeet, as the name implies, is all about selling photos of feet online. Because Instafeet is a private social platform, it may be the best place to sell your feet photos online.

Your images will be visible only to your subscribers and will not be visible to the general public. As a result, Instafeet is a secure platform for people who value their privacy.

Instafeet is a relatively new platform where people can buy and sell photos of their feet. Users typically pay less than $10 per month to subscribe to those who provide these photos. Those who upload photos are then compensated based on the number of subscribers they have.

Instafeet is one of the most well-known websites for selling feet photos online for quick cash.

To begin posting photos, new users must first create a seller profile and be at least 18 years old. Customers who are interested in your feet photos can then subscribe to your account and purchase them.

It is a private social platform, which means that your images will be visible only to you and your subscribers, making it a safe platform for people who value their privacy.

3. Esty

Etsy is used by almost anyone looking for items to make and sell online. This includes items relating to your feet, which frequently require someone to model the item in order for it to sell.

4. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for selling feet photos on the major social media platforms.

As previously stated, you can use Instagram to direct customers to your own website by posting examples of the types of photos you sell.

Check out other accounts that are already selling these types of photos as a starting point. You can see who is following them or commenting on their photos, allowing you to contact those users and inform them that you have similar items for sale.

You can also use related hashtags to attract people who are interested in foot photos. To gain quick exposure, use multiple hashtags. Some appropriate hashtags are #feet, #toes, #feetpics, and #feetpicsforsale. #solesfeet, #wrinkledsoles, #wetsolesandtoes, #solesworship, and #beautifulfeet are all hashtags for feet.

You could also consider creating a membership site where people can pay a monthly fee to gain access to new images – say, five to eight per month. Create themes like barefoot one month and sandals the next, then promote them on Instagram.

5. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is an excellent option for recurring income because it is a service that charges a subscription fee to view photos and videos.

You can also charge whatever you want. The minimum monthly subscription fee you can charge is $5, but there is no upper limit to what you can charge.

OnlyFans has a payment processing system that is built into the application. This is an additional benefit that eliminates the need for a third-party billing service.

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