These days, whiteboard video marketing and how to distinguish oneself from the competition are important considerations. When it comes to making an impression, whiteboard video marketing is unquestionably the best option. However, given the fact that there are literally thousands of whiteboard videos all competing for viewers’ attention, what are some surefire ways to ensure that yours gets the attention it deserves?

Whiteboard Video Marketing

Whiteboard Video Marketing: How to Stand Out

Let’s take a step back and try to deconstruct whiteboard video marketing as much as we can. Although it is true that the best whiteboard video marketing is left to those with more experience than you, this is really a question of technical ability and project management. What’s left after you take away the software and the customer service staff? As is always the case, the answer is right in front of you: whiteboard videos are stories! Even if you aren’t naturally gifted at telling stories, the good news is that there are some fundamental rules to good storytelling that anyone can learn. It is always preferable to follow these guidelines because the results are always better.

As a starting point, even if you’re creating an explainer or how-to video, providing the audience with a character will help to keep them engaged. Identifying with their motivations, rooting for their success, and experiencing the thrill of victory in a very real and visceral way is a psychological tendency that many people have when watching movies or television shows. Did you wish for Simba to ascend to the throne and save the kingdom in Disney’s The Lion King? Did you want to see Anna and Elsa from the Disney film Frozen reunited? Is it your desire for Gru to recognise his inner good guy and take care of the orphan girls in Despicable Me 2 to come true? The answer to all three questions serves as sufficient evidence that a character is a successful plot device in your storey. A character allows your audience to see themselves in your storey, which is the most effective way to set up a storey for maximum impact.

Second, all of the best stories tend to be straightforward, and this is true even for the most monumental of classic novels. Regardless of whether or not you’ve read the book, chances are good that you can provide a reasonably accurate summary of what Moby Dick is about. Isn’t it true that that guy wants to catch the big fish? Even though the book itself may be thousands of pages long, even a young child can understand the basic plot of the storey. While putting together your whiteboard video, always remember the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” Not only will simplicity assist you in keeping your video brief, but it will also make it infinitely more shareable.

Last but not least, always make certain that you are conveying your emotions effectively. For the sake of simplicity, as we mentioned above, it’s helpful to think of your whiteboard video in terms of problem/solution; first, introduce the problem to the audience, and then follow up with the solution. Don’t just give the audience information; also point out why the problem is FRUSTRATING or ANNOYING to the audience. Then, when you introduce the solution, be sure to emphasise how much of a RELIEF it is, as well as how HAPPY everyone is as a result of the solution. Not only are feelings excellent for engaging an audience, but they also provide fantastic opportunities for your animators to create stunning visuals!

Every human being, including you, has a natural ability to tell stories. Making plans for your whiteboard animation is an excellent opportunity to discover and develop your own storytelling abilities…. Take advantage of the situation!

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