Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular on the internet, and you can find them almost anywhere. But why are explainer videos becoming so popular? And why are you going to see more and more of them as the popularity of online video grows?

Explainer Videos

Video Can Be Found Almost Anywhere.

The medium of explainer videos has played a role in their meteoric rise to fame. The amount of video available on the internet is enormous, and it is growing at an alarming rate. Every single day, one billion people watch videos on YouTube. Video is far more likely to be shared than text or links, which are less likely to be shared. Video is far more likely than other forms of engagement to be watched and considered by Internet users, and it is also watched for a longer period of time than text is read. Video is the most effective medium for reaching an audience on the Internet, and explainer videos are particularly well suited to capitalising on the medium’s advantages.

They’re Beneficial

When it comes to the reasons why explainer videos are so popular, even in the online video space, the most frequently cited reason is that explainer videos are useful to a large number of people in real life. The explainer video was born out of the need to present information in a clear, concise, and time-efficient manner. When done properly, customers and fans can watch the video and walk away with a clear understanding of what you want them to take away from it.

They Have Imagination

Another factor is that, when done properly, explainer videos can transform even the most boring subject into a fun and dynamic one. Explainer videos give you the freedom to be creative while also allowing your personality to shine through and add interest to the subject matter. You are not required to speak while standing in front of a computer screen; in fact, if you want to maintain attention, you must refrain from doing so. To communicate, you can employ a variety of techniques, ranging from whiteboard animation to dynamic typography and everything in between. In order to explain your product, you can make use of unusual metaphors. Explainer videos bring out your personality, allow you to be a little more relaxed, and generally allow you to show off not only what you want your audience to know, but also who you are as a person in general.

They are succinct.

Another advantage of explainer videos is that they force you to distil your subject down to only the most important information, data, and concepts that your audience is most interested in learning about. That has advantages beyond simply being able to fit into the limited attention spans of the Internet; it allows you to consider what is most important about what you want to say before you say it. That ability to remove the excess fluff from your ideas allows you to concentrate on only the concepts and ideas you want to present in a smart, compelling video that your audience will enjoy watching.

They’re entertaining.

Finally, explainer videos are simply entertaining. As human beings, we’re naturally curious as a species; we like to know how things work, why things are done this way and not that, how we could improve or refine our experiences. Explainer videos cater to this natural curiosity and help us build on what we already know to learn more and gain a new perspective on our lives. The explainer video is on its way to becoming a household name for one simple reason: it is something we all want to see.

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