Since humans first walked the earth, they have used storytelling to engage others and establish emotional connections with them. And you already know that storytelling is an effective tool for content marketing when presented in the form of explainer videos, particularly when compared to banner ads that lack emotion. Animated images have a greater impact than words, which is why so many marketers use them to tell stories about their businesses, their people, and their offerings. So why are explainer videos so effective at capturing prospects’ attention?

A brief video conveys a great deal more than words

While a picture is worth a thousand words, an explainer video packs a much stronger punch – approximately 1.8 million words, according to a Forrester Research marketing study. There is no better way to increase a viewer’s comprehension of your company’s offerings than to demonstrate them visually and audibly. Perhaps this is because they retain information more effectively when presented in video format, or perhaps the emotion communicated through animated video is contagious. In either case, the value of video is an added benefit for publishers looking to create a lasting impression with their content.

Additionally, there is a reason YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. In most cases, people prefer video over text-based content, especially when the subject is a product or service.

You can have some fun with explainer videos

If you attempt to convey your sense of humor through text, you risk coming across as callous or unprofessional; however, injecting some creativity and fun into a video enables you to establish a personal connection. Your objective is to be memorable, bearing in mind that the majority of viewers of your video are at the top of the sales funnel and are not yet ready to purchase. As a result, you can tell a joke, sing a jingle, or simply be yourself without fear of offending your target audience.

Statistical evidence cannot be argued with

If the opportunity to have fun while communicating more effectively isn’t enough, consider the following numerical evidence.
46% of people who view an explainer video take some form of action:
A quarter will seek additional information.
Over one-fifth will visit the call to action website.
12% will make a purchase of the advertised product.
64% of those who view a video about a company’s offerings will make a purchase.
At least once a week, three-quarters of C-Suite executives watch business-related videos online.
Each month, the average user spends nearly 17 minutes watching video marketing content.
Apart from the intrinsic value of these statistics, it’s worth noting the impact of the demographics that produced them. Across all age groups – from 18 to 54 – users are heavily reliant on video for product research and entertainment purposes.

When you consider that storytelling is a major factor in explainer video popularity, you have a very powerful marketing tool at your disposal. The best part is that explainer videos allow for much more personal and effective expression of your creativity and sense of humour than the written word. The trick is to ensure that you’re telling your audience the right storey, which requires knowing what they want to hear.

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