This WriteSonic review will help you decide whether this powerful AI writing software is worth your time and money.

WriteSonic is one of several new artificial intelligence (AI) content writing tools aimed at small business owners. Is it, however, worthwhile? Let’s dissect it and see how it compares to other content-generating AI.

According to its value proposition, Writesonic can generate landing pages, product descriptions, detailed advertisements, and even entire articles or blog posts from a few lines of text, keywords, or a target phrase. It claims to have high readability and accuracy scores.

What Is Writesonic?

Writesonic is a content writing tool that can assist anyone in creating text for a website or social media post. It’s essentially the same as having a freelance writer available 24 hours a day. Simply enter a few keywords, a brief product description, or a few phrases into Writesonic, and it will return a variety of computer-generated results.

Why use this writing app at all? It can help you start writing faster and solve problems with formulaic writing, such as headlines and meta descriptions.

Remember that writer’s block is a real issue for marketers and website owners who don’t write on a regular basis. Writesonic can help speed up the process by producing editable text.

It’s a handy tool for creating website headers, article outlines, blog ideas or summaries, and product descriptions for your eCommerce pages. You can also use it for rephrasing content, grammar correction, press releases, and SEO meta descriptions.

Writesonic Features

This software includes over 40 different types of copy for you to use. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.

Article/Blog Copy

The AI article writer is a fast way to generate blog ideas, introductions, and outlines. You can also rewrite or expand on previously written material. The content rewriter can generate up to three distinct tones from previously written material. A readability score and grammar correction are also included in this feature.

Website copy

You can use this feature to create landing pages, headers, and SEO meta descriptions.

eCommerce Copy

Do you want to advertise your products or write about them on Amazon? The E-commerce Copy feature has been designed specifically for you. Writesonic can be used to generate product titles, descriptions, features, and sponsored ads. In addition to the foregoing, this feature will assist you in writing sales emails.

Digital ads copy

This section contains ad copy for LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook. Users will soon be able to generate copy for Twitter and Instagram ads.

Writesonic Pricing and Plans

Users can choose from a variety of affordable and flexible plans at Writesonic. You can use the free trial, a monthly subscription based on your needs, or pay as you go.

If you are unsure whether Writesonic is right for you or your business, you can begin with a free trial. The free trial includes all of the above features and is available in 25 languages. The free trial, however, is limited to one user.

writesonic pricing

Pros and Cons of Writesonic


Let’s start with the pros. First and foremost, there is no cost to begin. Second, it’s extremely simple to use. Third, you have complete access to all of the writing tools in it. Fourth, adding content is a simple process. Finally, it allows you to become more organised in a matter of days.

The benefit of the free trial is that it gives you access to all of the features. So, before you decide to spend money on software, you have a good understanding of how it works.


While a free trial is available, it only allows for one user at a time. As a result, it may be difficult for agencies and midsize businesses to test it for free.

Writesonic Review: The Bottom Line

Writesonic can assist you if you are experiencing writer’s block or simply don’t know how to structure your blog posts or landing pages. Even if you don’t create an entire blog or article post, this software can generate a variety of headings and show some general structure flows to give you a better idea of how to develop your own voice.

Overall, I was pleased with the results after spending a significant amount of time testing the software and seeing what it was capable of. Despite the fact that the results required editing, I saved time by writing my copy.

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